Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blogger Beta

Just when I had given up all hope on Blogger, they launch this new version, with some of the long awaited features, like post categorization and restricted access to content. I remember requesting post categorization about a year ago, and I know I wasn't among the first ones to demand it.

Right now I'm resorting to some html+js hacks in the old version, to enable content hiding in the front page, and back and forth navigation across posts, I wish I could get rid of these hacks.

In fact this blog is my test drive of the beta version, so far it looks ok, despite some glitches here and there. I like what they've done with the visual edit of the template, even if it has some bugs.

Yet, there are still some features that I'd like, and seem to be missing, like:
  • Support for more than one comment notification email address
  • Post versioning, I'd like to have published one version of a post while I'm working on a new version of the same content.
I hope they don't take too long to upgrade existing blogs, to the beta version.

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