Monday, January 01, 2007

Yet another hit counter, and visitors tracker

Last weekend I developed a modest hit counter, and visitors tracker for websites, and published it as a sourceforge project.

I´ve been toying with the idea for a year now, until I decided to do it. In fact the sourceforge project was created months ago, but went through a series of name changes.

Naming sourceforge projects is like naming a blog, it shouldn't be difficult yet I find myself pondering a lot about the most suitable name, thinking about the implicancies of every candidate, and what types of audiences it would bait.

Initially it was mean to be Website Detective, now it's just IntraNET Tracker. I'm not entirely happy with the final choice, it's just not catchy.

Anyway, if you need a hit counter for you intranet, or even for your site in the internet, and you have the infrastructure to host it in Windows based servers, then it may come handy.

ok, now go use it

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